Trying this again

So, here we go. Back at it again giving this another go. After running something similar to this a couple of springs ago, I unfortunately had to take a bit of a break from it due to my work schedule and coaching youth football.

But now I’m back hoping to cover a lot of local sports for the upcoming winter season and beyond.

A little bit of an introduction about me and my plans: My name is Anthony Labor and I was born and raised right here in St. Albans. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2012 with a degree in English/Journalism hoping to pursue a career in sportswriting. After college I became the sports editor of a newspaper in Claremont, N.H. and have also been a sports editor of a couple of weekly newspapers in Essex and Colchester for a short amount of time.

Unfortunately, college loans started to catch up with me and had to leave the sportswriting world for another job field that pays a little better.

But I never lost the excitement for sportswriting, so when I moved back to Vermont in 2015, I started a site that covered sports around Franklin County that went well for the Spring of 2015. After that, my schedule at work made it difficult to keep going and had a couple of attempts to reboot the site throughout the last year and a half, but unfortunately didn’t have the schedule to allow me to do so.

I have been writing as a freelancer for the St. Albans Messenger over the past couple of years since I have been back to become acclimated somewhat in the local sports scene.

Now, I’m finally in a position with a schedule that is favorable for me to get back out on my own (while also still writing for the Messenger) and start this all back up with the winter season kicking it all off.

I changed things up a little bit from my original plan. The site I used to run was, but I changed it up to, because my goal is to expand if I can build some momentum up around the northwest.

Right now, I am doing all this on my own taking photos, writing the stories, getting updates from coaches and everything in between. My big picture envisioning is hopefully bringing on more people who like covering sports as a hobby like myself to help contribute and grow from there covering high schools and maybe even start to get into covering St. Michael’s College and University of Vermont athletic events.

To get things rolling for the winter season, I will mainly be focused on covering sports around Franklin County to get started and get a buzz about this whole thing going around the area and will spill into Chittenden County a little bit by covering Milton High School as well.

My main focus will be covering high school athletics for BFA-St. Albans, Missisquoi, Enosburg, Richford, BFA-Fairfax and Milton this winter, but will also have room to jump around to some youth athletics and rec athletics if the opportunity arises.

What I am hoping to gain by doing all this is to give another free outlet for local athletes to follow what is going on in athletics from other schools and around the area with my main focus being on local sports and all local sports.

I’m hoping to really be interactive with readers who visit my site, since people reading what I am writing and checking out a photo gallery is what keeps me interested in sportswriting and always enjoy feedback from my readers. Some ways I am thinking about doing being interactive with my readers is something I have enjoyed doing since I interned at the Portsmouth Herald in Portsmouth, N.H. during college and that is a Question of the Week.

The Question of the Week ideally will be a question either about local sports or national sports (hopefully more local sports questions than anything) and posting my answer and the answer of any readers who are willing to send them in to get multiple thoughts on different subjects, which always keeps things interesting.

I may from time to time write a post about something in the national sports world, but as I said my main focus will be on local sports, so that will be a clear majority of my work.

As with any sort of outlet nowadays, it’s tough for a limited number of people to be everywhere with so many things going on throughout every day.

One thing I would love would be if any parents, fellow students, teachers or anyone else in the community would like to send in story ideas, photos, write-ups or anything that will help add more and more local items to this, that would be great. I encourage everyone to send in anything they would like and story ideas. I am going to have a mix of game stories, feature stories and other things to put in here,

Most teams will begin regular season for the winter in a couple of weeks with some teams already having scrimmages. In the meantime, I will be working to try and get previews together of every local team for the upcoming season and try and have them all posted before the season starts up.

If anyone has any questions, story ideas or anything throughout the season and in the future or have any good ideas for what would be good for a “Question of the Week” or anything, my email is I encourage any and all comments or questions.

This will be a work in progress to begin, and might not be the most aesthetically pleasing site out of the gate, but the content will be there and I will tinker around with it as the time goes on and it will get there.

Thank you everyone and look forward to covering local sports for the upcoming winter season.

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