Thunderbirds shut out Harwood

The MVU girls hit the road for the first time this season and got five goals from five different players as they defeated Harwood 5-0 Saturday night.

The Thunderbirds came out flying with 20 shots and three goals in the first period. Olivia Thayer notched her third of the season off an Alyssa Audet pass four minutes in.

At the eight minute mark, Savannah Fellows scored in a 4 on 4 situation. The goal was listed as unassisted, but she had some help from her friends.

“Mae (Gates) threw the puck around the boards behind our net and Callie (Parks) flicked it down into their zone,” recalled Fellows. “I stripped it from their defenseman and shot from around the face off dot into the far corner.”

Harwood nearly scored when a shot from the point ricocheted off Jenna Bourdeau’s skate and went off goalie Mikayla Hull’s toe as Hull was shifting the other way.

Adrianna Dostie put MVU up 3-0 when she beat a defenseman one on one and scored off the assist by Makayla Gilbert.

“We don’t dump the puck enough and end up losing it or taking a bad shot,” said coach Wynn Paradee. “Especially the first period we got the puck deep and then let our speedy forwards get in there and wreck havoc.”

Harwood collapsed more in the second period and held the Thunderbirds scoreless.

In the third period the Highlanders had to open up some to try and to score. Their offense improved as they generated 12 shots. Third period goalie Makyla Bombardier was very sharp with a quick glove and she also didn’t give up dangerous rebounds.

MVU scored two more. The first one was by defenseman Renee Bouchard who looked like she was taking a scenic tour.

“The puck came out of their zone on my side,” confirmed Bouchard. “I got control and made a big loop to the other side. With the boards coming up I decided to turn left and head toward their zone. I didn’t see any of their players until the circle so I took a wrist shot and it went in under the crossbar.”

With 20 seconds left, Audet scored her first of the season taking a shot with a lot of traffic in front of the net from Thayer and Carly Zier.

Hull and Bombardier stopped 22 shots for the Thunderbirds.

Harwood falls to 1-2 and MVU moves to 2-0. The Thunderbirds have a good test next Wednesday when they travel to Spaulding.

— Wynn Paradee

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