Offensive woes continue in Thunderbirds’ tie

The offensive woes continued for the Missisquoi girls’ hockey team Wednesday night.

The Thunderbirds put 33 shots on Hartford goalie  Maggie Gilman, but only scored once for a 1-1 draw with the Hurricanes.

The Canes had four breakaways in the game courtesy of blocked shots at the far blue line. Thunderbird defenseman would shoot the puck off the charging forwards pads and bounce into the neutral zone and they were off to the races.

Summer Parkhurst did just that late in the first period and barreled in on goalie Makyla Bombardier.

“She slid it under my pads,” said Bombardier. “It slid up against the post. The trailer pushed it over the line.”

That trailer was Jasmin Wilson, who was credited with the goal.

Meanwhile the Thunderbirds played a sluggish first period, but still had great chances, particularly from Olivia Thayer. Thayer had 10 shots in the game, many where she broke through the defense and skated in on Gilman. A first period drive hit the crossbar.

After the first period, MVU pretty much shut down the Hartford offense. It wasn’t until midway through the third period that a shot finally went by Gilman. Mae Gates sent Thayer in alone and Thayer’s shot was stopped yet again but this time there was a rebound and she didn’t get the second one as the score was now tied at one.

Thayer looked to put the T-birds ahead on the next shift. She broke in alone again and shot the puck over Gilman’s right shoulder. The puck went behind her and somehow came out the other side without hitting the crossbar. A photographer caught the sequence and the puck hit the center padded support post and came back out. “I thought it went in and began to celebrate,” said Thayer. “Then I saw the puck over on the other side and couldn’t figure it out.”

Hartford had a great chance to win the game early in overtime. On another breakaway, this time the defenseman’s shot hit a stick instead of a shin pad, resulted in a shot that hit the goalpost. MVU had five shots in overtime but the game ended in a draw.

With the tie, MVU goes to 2-2-1 and Hartford moves to 1-3-1. The Thunderbirds travel to Brattleboro next Wednesday.

— Wynn Paradee

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