Thank you everyone for all of your support

As some people may have seen, I have decided instead of working on my own to cover local sports in the area I have decided to team up with the County Courier and work with them getting local sports coverage on their website, but will continue to write game stories, features and will also continue to do the podcast. Essentially, what I will be doing won’t be changing at all from what I was doing with Northwest Vermont Sports. Only difference is it will be under The County Courier and on their website. I am excited to work with Ben Kaufmann so we can provide even better coverage and to use a sports clichĂ© work together as a team. I want to thank everyone who read my website this winter and for all the support you gave me during my venture. Your support was what made it fun going out every night to games and working on the stories and the podcast. I would also like to give a big shoutout to Shawn Earl, whose advice helped me spread the word and reach a lot more readers than when I first started, so a big thank you to Shawn for all of his help with this as well. Like I said, I’m not going anywhere, I will just be part of a new team. You can keep following my work on the County Courier website and in print and follow the County Courier on Facebook as we keep you updated with local sports. To get things started I have attached links to my first two stories below so everyone can follow along. And again a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this venture of mine this past month and I look forward to continuing to give you the best coverage I can. — Anthony Labor

BFA Girls hockey team battled against Essex in the regular season finale while recognizing its seniors on Wednesday.…/comets-hornets-battle-to…/

My feature on MVU girls hockey senior Abby Bessette.…/unquantifiable-bessette…/

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